Thursday, April 05, 2007

And they forsook him and fled

This evening, being Jeudi Saint (or Maundy Thursday to us lot), I decided (in the apparent absence of any observance thereof at Lyon Anglican Church) to go to St Nizier down the road, where they do things "properly". The church was utterly packed out, which was fun. And the service was generally good and much as expected, with not a bad sermon from their young priest.
At the end, they processed the sacrament to the chapel of repose, where there was to be a watch until midnight. All very proper.
But. (Yes, you knew there'd be a but!) There was no "AND THEY FORSOOK HIM AND FLED". This was not a great surprise but I always find it a bit of a disappointment these days. I should probably take to going to Mirfield or Canterbury for holy week.
More surprising (shocking, perhaps even) was that there was no Psalm 22, and no stripping of the altars. I like psalm 22. I'm not sure it quite feels like holy week without it. And I'm sure they will have stripped the altars after most of us left, but I think doing it during the service is somewhat more poignant.

Meanwhile, I have a new student who I've been helping this week with her prépa work, and I've been in Paris for five days. Lots of fun, of which more to come soon!


Matthew said...

I was at Coventry Cathedral for Maundy Thursday, although I'm off to Cambridge tomorrow for Easter!

I scribbled about it here

[most of my more interesting scribblings you can't see without a livejournal account, though, which is why I don't generally point people at it [LJ accounts are free, though...]]

Catherine Osborne said...

I think I need to do an additional bit about things missing from Maundy Thursday on my Blog. But running out of time, so I'll link to this when/if I get round to it.
Mummy xx