Sunday, July 23, 2006

An update…

Thought those of you already reading this might like to know a little bit more about where I've got to with my year abroad plans! So far, the plan is to be in Lyon for at least 8 months, my contract at the school (where I'll be a language assistant) is october-april. Here's some more about the school, which all sounds very good:

There are about 1000 students in the school and about 90 teachers for all of them. The Lycée is located in Lyon 4°. The district is called La Croix Rousse and it is a very pleasant and busy area of Lyon just 3 underground stations away from downtown Lyon. La Croix Rousse is up a hill and within walking distance of the centre of the city, which lies in between the rivers Rhône and Saône.We are fortunate enough to have plenty of foreign language assistants every year (German, Italian, Spanish or South American, Russian, Chinese, and you and another English or American Assistant whom we share with another school nearby). Also, we are the lycée for students who study and practice music or dance at a high level in the Conservatoire National de Musique, and they generally have academic classes in the morning and music practice and rehearsals in the afternoons. These students must also participate to the school choir: This year’s program will be Dido andAeneas by Purcell and anyone interested in singing can join in. There are also Theatre, Cinema and Dance options available to the students, along with a number of workshops. The students are from age 15 to 17/18.

That all came in an email from my english-teacher-in-charge, who sounds very nice indeed. So much for the job-now for everything else! I think (fingers crossed and all that) that I've just succeeded in finding somewhere to live! It's in a big flat near the old town centre (about 2 miles from my school), with 5 other people (3 french university students, one german, one english) and a cat! If that all goes ahead it should mean there'll be at least a living room where people (=you) can crash when visiting, hooray! I'm aiming to start the attempt to join a decent choir this week…so ttfn, more posts when I hear something new…

Monday, July 03, 2006

Voila, the annie blog is born


Here is a blog. Instead of sending annoying round-robin style emails to all and sundry during my year abroad (aka second gap year) in Lyon next year, I shall put my best photos and stories onto this wondrous piece of cyberspace.

I won't be writing much on it over the summer, but check back here in September and I'll keep you all updated!