Sunday, August 19, 2007

On becoming a sister-in-law

So my sister is now Mrs Elizabeth Carr, which is most exciting indeed and (I think) very chic. And I have inherited a brother. Well, a brother-in-law, to be precise. He didn't look too impressed when I reminded him of this…but I think he was joking, seeing as apparently he is in fact no longer scared of me!
I am also now the only Miss Osborne left in my family, which makes me feel very grown up but rather babyish at the same time. And I'm told I could now become an aunty, even though I don't know how to knit booties. All these weird and wonderful things that happen when one becomes a sister-in-law. I think it will be an exciting new era in which I go to dinner at my sister's, or indeed invite them to mine (supposing such a place existed). Excellent, says I.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Big Weekend

One reason why I've not been writing a lot here recently is that I've mostly been working, which isn't very exciting, and away in Edinburgh for a weekend, which was somewhat more exciting. Another is that I've been getting ready for the Big Weekend of my sister Elizabeth's wedding, which is now over. We'd been gearing up to it for two years, and everything was planned out carefully so that it would be the perfect day. My job was to run around doing all the little jobs that no one else had time to do, and then to be an usher, followed by singing in the choir, moving flowers from place to place, and generally being on hand to do whatever needed doing. It was hard work, but definitely worth it for the great day that we all had, not least the happy couple of course, but everyone else involved as well: excellent sunny weather, scrumptious food and some lively ceilidh dancing, as well as the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. Really. And lots of lovely people many of whom I hadn't seen for far too long. What more could anyone want! A photo link will appear in due course…