Saturday, September 30, 2006

Le Tibouren

Last night we (being Mylène, Jérémie, Max, Rebecca and a Thai girl who's a friend of mylène's dissertation supervisor) went for dinner at a little restaurant called Le Tibouren. It's not a typical Lyonnais like the Bouchon round the corner from us, but when I say small I mean tiny–it only has 25 places, so booking is somewhat essential! The menu changes every day, and the same dish only comes up once a year. There's a choice of two starters, two main courses and three or four desserts, and a three course meal costs you €17. Last night,starters were a poached egg in red wine sauce or a salade with bits of pig, then half of us had a juicy "pavé de boeuf" and the other half had some sort of a shark (!), and finally the majority dessert was a "charlotte" (not what we'd call a charlotte at all, much more like a cheesecake. All very very tasty.

Yesterday I also got lots of post :) so thank you helen and cecily and everyone who's sent me letters and messages-i'll reply soon!

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Matthew said...

Good to hear you're working hard out there :-)

I was out for dinner last night too - Carys was back in town briefly, and she, Naomi and I invaded the Sala Thong after Mass.