Saturday, September 30, 2006


Living on a main road is not something too unusual to me…but living next to the biggest public space in the centre of Lyon is even more noisy (and exciting)! There is almost always something going on in Bellecour. Last week on thursday it was a huge regional market: le grand marché des saveurs Rhone-Alpes, another day (I forget which) a promotion for the "velo'v" (city bike system), one day it became some kind of campaign to get people to walk to work, with massive white blobby people on stilts wandering around, while on sunday morning it was the starting point for a race around the city (not sure if it was a quarter marathon or what).
Today it's a big event in aid of Handicap International, with a huge stage, brass bands, drummers, and all sorts of cafes in marquees. I get the impression I'm not going to lack entertainment in this flat…

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