Monday, December 01, 2008

140-character creed

David Ker set up a challenge ten days ago. George followed suit, and Jane tagged me as one of her challenged few. So here we go. The idea is that I should create, in 140 characters (the length of a 'tweet' and worth c. 4€ to a translator) a statement that every Christian could confess, and such that, were someone to confess this sincerely, one would:
  1. Consider them to be a brother or sister in Christ.
  2. Believe that they are true believers and inheritors of eternal life.
I am also required to pass this challenge on to five people. I challenge:
Catherine, Cecily, Louisa, Iain and Daniel

Doubts about this exercise aside, I offer the following:

God is one, Holy, Mighty and Immortal,
who died for us, rose for us, and will return for us.
This is our God, and we are His people.


We are sons and daughters of God,
Inheritors through Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven.
One in the Spirit,
Channels of peace, hope, and love.


David Ker said...

Amen and amen.

Robert said...

This probably isn't the point, but your first attempt would make me think you might be a unitarian (and therefore not a true believer). The second attempt is better, but describing the Father simply as God (although there is scriptural warrant for it) makes it looks as if you might be an Arian.

I think it must be requirement of any credal statement that it contains an affirmation of the Trinity, otherwise I'm not going to be confident that you're a true believer. (Of course some people consider that it's possible to be a Christian without believing in the Trinity, in which case the exercise is impossible.)

Jane said...

Thanks for doing this Annie
I like both of them and I think I will try and do this with the young people at my catechism classes over the next few months

Annie said...

Robert- I agree about the necessity of making the trinity explicit– maybe you can come up with a better one? ;-)