Sunday, August 19, 2007

On becoming a sister-in-law

So my sister is now Mrs Elizabeth Carr, which is most exciting indeed and (I think) very chic. And I have inherited a brother. Well, a brother-in-law, to be precise. He didn't look too impressed when I reminded him of this…but I think he was joking, seeing as apparently he is in fact no longer scared of me!
I am also now the only Miss Osborne left in my family, which makes me feel very grown up but rather babyish at the same time. And I'm told I could now become an aunty, even though I don't know how to knit booties. All these weird and wonderful things that happen when one becomes a sister-in-law. I think it will be an exciting new era in which I go to dinner at my sister's, or indeed invite them to mine (supposing such a place existed). Excellent, says I.

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