Saturday, March 03, 2007

J'ai craqué!

Today Mylène, Jéjé and I decided to go all out and buy rollerblades. Lyon is a very rollerblading city, and Antonia and Max, who already have them, were getting frustrated at us not being able to go with them. Plus now that it's spring, it's a good way of getting around the place or stretching one's legs…so there we are. We were lucky too, as we got them at half price in the sale :) So then we went out on them all together, on the banks of the Rhône where they've put in lots of roller-friendly paths and pretty patches of grass and flowers. Lovely.
Then, when Anto and I were on our way home a young boy stopped me, "excuse moi, madame!" Slightly puzzled, I stop…"did you work in Cambridge" asks the boy, so I says yes…but why? And it turns out that he was in my punt sometime last summer! Am impressed that he recognised me in the middle of Lyon on roller blades…unfortunately he may have been a little disappointed that I didn't remember him personally, but such is life! He was very sweet and asked what I was doing this year and seemed rather pleased with himself for having recognised me, so hopefully he has good memories of his punt outing!
In other news, I have a new private conversation student. How exciting.


Antoine Lefeuvre said...

Hi Annie,

I was googling for the Vieux Lyon Pub Crawl Pub Crawl when I ended up on your blog.
I'm Antoine, I spent two years studying in Portsmouth (well, Pompey). I finally came back to Lyon and since then it has proved quite difficult to meet British people. Maybe the fact that I'm now working full-time doesn't help.
I was wondering if you and/or any of your friends would be up for a drink? Just to get the chance to feel a bit like back in the UK.


Annie said...

Oui pourquoi pas! J'ai essayé de vous contacter par email mais je ne sais pas si ca a bien marché.Sinon envoyez moi ton ad. email/no.portable ici et je vous contacterai sans publier le message!