Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poems #2 (words from my wall)

Here in Lyon I have a medley of things on my wall, including a selection of my favourite photos, my PACE flag (yes, that's Peace with a missing E, and not because I can't spell but because it's in Italian), a couple of posters for this and that, a calendar, lots of reminder notes and all the postcards I've been sent this year. In amongst all of this I also have three poems stuck to my wall. Well, two poems and a not-quite-poem.

Poem 1. is a poem that my sister has had pinned to her pinboard (which now resides in her little kitchen) for several years now, and which she herself wrote out in lovely silver calligraphy on a black card, presumably just for fun because she liked the poem. Mine is not silver on black, however. It's by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and it goes like this:

What if you slept,
And what if, in your sleep,
You dreamed,
And what if, in your dream,
You went to heaven
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
And what if, when you awoke,
You had that flower in your hand,
Ah, what then?

The second is a poem that makes me happy and sad all at once, if that is possible. It's beautiful. If I was good at composing I would write music for it. As I'm not, it's just on my wall. It's by Robert Bridges and it goes like this:

Thou didst delight my eyes:
Yet who am I? nor first
Nor last nor best, that durst
Once dream of thee for prize;
Nor this the only time
Thou shalt set love to rhyme.

Thou didst delight my ear:
Ah! little praise; thy voice
Makes other hearts rejoice
Makes all ears glad that hear;
And short my joy: but yet,
O song, do not forget.

For what wert thou to me?
How shall I say? The moon,
That pour’d her midnight noon
Upon his wrecking sea;—
A sail, that for a day
Has cheer’d the castaway.

The not-quite-poem is a christmas-time 'dedica' that my wonderful friend Laura sent me a year or two back. For those who read Italian, here it is:





ma si sveglia

sempre di buon

umore. A chi saluta

ancora con un bacio. A

chi lavora molto e si diverte di

più. A chi va in fretta in auto, ma

non suona ai semafori. A chi arriva

in ritardo ma non cerca scuse. A chi spegne

la televisione per fare due chiacchiere. A chi è

felice il doppio quando fa a metà. A chi si alza presto

per aiutare un amico. A chi ha l' entusiasmo di un bambino

ma pensieri da adulto. A chi vede nero solo quando è buio.

A chi non aspetta Natale

per essere più buono.

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You write very well.